Art was just my hobby until I realize my love towards it

Namaste! My name is Neo (a.k.a Famenxt) and I work under my Brand Name Famenxt.

I am an Independent Digital Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer from India. Started as a hobby, Designing has become my true passion and a job I want to do everyday. I create decorative designs. I love to create Mandalas and Patterns. My rich and colorful Culture plays an important role in my creations. My designs are full of Nature's elements and vibrant colors. My designs are Bohemian, Ornamental, Tribal, Indie, Whimsical and of course Indian with little bit touch of Vintage. Nature is my biggest inspiration and Colors are my source of energy. I believe in learning. Learning keeps me up to date, confident and alive.

An Atheist, I am a true Capricorn!!!